A 2 4 1 P A S S P O R T

I keep finding really strange things about passports. This is a very old passport, over 30years old. This passport has 2 holders. It belongs to a man and his wife.

This makes me question why a woman could not have a passport of her own. Were single women not allowed to have passports and most importantly, travel.  If she did, did she have to go through a different application system. It makes it seem as though a woman is a mans hand bag and is carried around by her husband.

Or was this a particular kind of passport a man could attain if he was married

In this passport, the owner is restricted to certain areas of the continent. 

On the left hand side ( Description - Signalment )
I find it interesting how certain details of the owner are printed on this page: For example, ''Colour of eyes''- A feature that can easily be altered.

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